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Denver Eye Exams for Teens and Tweens

You may be surprised to learn that pediatric eye exams are necessary for all kids – even if your child has no vision complaints. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, it’s essential to bring children of all ages to an eye care professional for testing every one or two years. Do you wonder why? Read on to understand the importance of pediatric eye exams and what to expect during your child’s visit to our Denver, Colorado, optometry practice.

Undetected Vision Conditions Cause Problems

boys with thumbs up las vegasOver 180 million people in America have some type of vision condition! With these statistics, the odds are that a member of your family will need vision correction, especially if there is a family history. Undetected and untreated vision conditions can affect your child’s performance in school, athletic abilities, and even safety – especially when it comes to teenagers and driving. Additionally, many eye conditions are managed more effectively when treated early. That’s why routine pediatric eye exams (performed before your kid experiences any problems!) are so critical.

Along with the impact of undetected vision conditions on your tween or teen’s lifestyle, there are also health issues to consider. Some eye conditions may cause symptoms, such as sudden eye pain, blurry vision or double vision, that children notice. Alternately, a parent or teacher may spot the signs of a vision condition before the child picks up on a problem, such as squinting or trouble copying from the board. However, other extremely serious ocular problems present no warning signs, yet can lead to vision loss when ignored.

Why take chances with your child’s healthy eyesight? Symptoms and signs of a potential vision problem are not a reliable means of diagnosis – only a pediatric eye exam can be counted on to diagnose or rule out your kid’s vision condition.

A Typical Pediatric Eye Exam

Leave your worries behind when you come to our Denver, Colorado, office for a pediatric eye exam. We invite you make yourself comfortable and feel at home in our modern clinic. We are equipped with the latest high-tech tools and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, so your family always has an efficient and pleasant eye care experience. We’ll begin by meeting with you and your child. Our eye doctor will ask you a series of questions about your kid’s medical history, family eye history, and lifestyle. The tests and procedures that we’ll perform will vary between individuals, and we’ll customize your child’s pediatric eye exam to meet his or her unique requirements. In general, testing includes:

Visual Acuity Testing

As kids grow and develop, so do their eyes. Changes in vision, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, can happen very quickly in children. If your child already wears eyeglasses or contact lenses, a change in prescription may be necessary. Until about age 20, a teenager who wears prescription eyewear may need the prescription changed regularly.

We will assess visual acuity by having your child read a basic Snellen eye chart. Our Denver, CO, optometrist will use a phoropter, which consists of various lenses that your kid will look through in order to provide feedback about what looks clearer. We will also evaluate refractive error with the aid of a retinoscope. Altogether, these procedures will determine your child’s precise vision prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Functional Vision

In addition to visual acuity, there are many visual skills essential for clear and comfortable eyesight. Our optometrist will assess:

  • Coordination of eye muscles: eye teaming and mobility
  • Peripheral vision
  • Pupil response to light
  • Color vision

Evaluation of Ocular Health

We have a range of advanced technological equipment to help inspect your child’s total visual system, including inner eye tissues. Our eye doctor will check the health of the retina and optic nerve. This allows us to examine closely for symptoms of disease or abnormality at a very early stage. We can also check for signs of many general health problems, such as diabetes, which may affect the eyes. To check intraocular fluid pressure, we may use a tonometer to take measurements quickly and painlessly.

Eyewear for Kids

If we diagnose your child with a need for vision correction, it’s time to shop our fantastic optical collection! We are proud to present kids and teens in Denver, Colorado, with a high-style selection of trending designer frames. No matter what look your kid wants to present to the world, we have a pair of eyeglasses to accessorize it!

Does your child complain about glasses slipping down his nose, or does she simply prefer to go au natural with her appearance? We stock an extensive selection of premium contact lenses for even the most hard-to-fit vision conditions in our optical store. In general, many responsible children and teenagers do best with daily disposable contact lenses. Daily disposables don’t require any cleaning regimen; you just toss them in the trash at the end of each day. This reduces their risk of eye infections and complications from improper contact lens hygiene drastically! We can perform a contact lens fitting in conjunction with your child’s pediatric eye exam in our Denver, Colorado, eye care center.

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