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The Right Fashion & Fit for Your Visual Needs - Peepers Optical

Eyeglasses from our optical store in Denver will give you a crisp vision and an eye-catching look! We stock our display shelves with high quality, designer eyewear from the most popular brand names. With a commitment to provide you with the latest fashions and the very best glasses in Denver, Peepers Optical features all the leading designers out of Europe, America and Asia. If you have an up-to-date prescription, please stop in anytime to see for yourself!

Our optical team is dedicated to helping you see clearly and looking your best. We’ll take the time to match your unique appearance and visual needs with the most suitable frames. Not every pair of eyeglasses in Denver will suit your vision prescription and flatter your face. When you purchase glasses from our boutique store, we’ll ensure that they optimize your vision and enhance your style. For your satisfaction, we offer Crizal Lenses, which are the ultimate in optics and anti-reflective technology.

Choose from sleek and sophisticated metals, conservative rimless, and bright plastics in bold shapes. Nowadays, a wide array of decorative embellishments are also available, such as wood inlays and glitzy crystals. With such a diverse selection, our Denver eyewear gives you the perfect way to accessorize any outfit. You have clothing for all different occasions – so why limit yourself to just one pair of eyeglass frames?

Some of the popular designers that we feature include Tom Ford, Kio Yamato Eyewear, Prada, Jono Hennessy, Oakley, Woow, Ray-Ban, and many more. Our optical team has developed a unique relationship with the eyewear vendors, and it shows in the vast collection of thousands of glasses in our store. There’s no rush to make a quick decision, we encourage our customers to take as much time as needed when looking through our Denver eyewear. We want you to love your new look!

New clients and all our current patients from Washington Virginia Vale, Belcaro, Cherry Creek, Denver are welcome to visit Peepers Optical with their current prescription - no appointment necessary.


Our Hand Selected Designer Frames:

Every optometrist sells frames, Peepers doesn't just sell them we hand select the very best in style, quality, and value.

designer frames in denver at Peepers Optical

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Choosing a new pair of frames can seem like a daunting task. With so many stylish options how do you narrow them down?

how to choose designer frames in denver co

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The Very Best Glasses For Your Child:

What should you look for when buying your child a pair of glasses? In short style, safety, comfort, durability, non slip:

kids optical denver colorado

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Computer Glasses Reduce Eye Strain

Have you noticed that your eyes feel tired after spending all day in front of your computer?

Digital eye strain is one of the most common and least known eye conditions to
day with over 50% of computer users reporting symptoms. Computer glasses are designed to maximize comfort for mid range viewing, that is used when working at a computer.

computer glasses denver co

Transition Lenses Denver CO

Incredible Lenses Indoors And Out

Transition Lenses offer the convenience of having one pair of glasses inside and outside.

  • Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays even when you are outside for a few minutes
  • Great for kids who are not great with keeping their sunglasses on them
  • Improved clarity and contrast indoors and out
  • Adjusts automatically to the brightness levels, such as inside a car

transition lenses inside and outside denver

  • Questions to ask yourself when choosing eyewear.
  • We carry a large variety of top designer frames for both eyeglasses and sunglasses.
  • As people move from their computer to their tablet to their phone, more and more of these symptoms are being seen, and in younger and younger people. Computer glasses offer a solution to reduce the strain on your eyes and your exposure to blue light radiation.
  • Transitions® Lenses Optical, Inc. has developed the world's most advanced photochromic lens technology—the ability of a lens to darken in the presence of invisible UV light.  Transitions® Lenses are the #1 brand of photochromic lenses recommended by eye care professionals worldwide.
  • Many types of prescription eyeglasses are available, ranging from bifocals, high index lenses, progressive glasses, and prescription sunglasses. Learn about the pros and cons of different lens features, and how you can benefit.
  • Help your child choose eye wear that suits their lifestyle. The right frame and lens will help them in school, work and at play.
  • Eyeglasses are more popular today than ever, despite the availability of contact lenses and vision correction surgery.
  • Today’s eyeglass lens treatments make a real difference in what you see, and what you don’t see. Scratches, glare, ultraviolet rays—all are potential hazards to healthy sight that can be minimized or eliminated by a lens treatment.
  • Sports glasses, Protective eyewear, SCUBA diving... we can help you with glasses for your specific needs.
  • Visit our interactive on-line tool and we'll guide you through a series of questions about you, your lifestyle and your specific eyewear needs to help you choose the glasses that are right for you!

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