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Children Love Our Trendy Eyewear in Glendale, CO!

When many kids hear that they need eyeglasses, their disappointment is crystal-clear. Smiles turn into frowns as tweens and teens begin to complain about losing their cool look. At Peepers Optical, our incredible collection of designer eyeglasses will boost their mood immediately! Nowadays, kids’ eyewear comes in a wide array of styles to complement every child’s individual taste. We welcome you to visit with your kids to check out our high-fashion/high-quality frames in Glendale, CO.

Our eye doctors and our experienced opticians are waiting to show you the best pair of eyeglasses to meet your visual needs, lifestyle requirements and personal preferences. We know the unique features of all the eyewear we stock, and we know what’s trending among kids and teens of all ages. We’ll help you sort through your options to pick out the perfect pair of eyeglasses for crisp vision and an eye-catching appearance!

Eyeglasses Need the Right Function, Fit & Fashion

Top Function Eyewear

Sharp vision is the primary goal of all children’s eyewear. Your first step in selecting new glasses is to book a pediatric eye exam with our Glendale, CO, optometrist. This is the only way to confirm that your kid’s vision prescription is accurate and current.

Frames must also work for your kid’s lifestyle. Children, from the youngest to oldest, are rough on their eyewear. They will take them on and off repeatedly throughout the day, toss them carelessly into their purse or backpack, or run head-first into friends on the playing field. That’s why our kids’ optical collection boasts only durable eyeglasses – made from the toughest, break-resistant materials out there. Titanium is a good choice, as it is both lightweight and strong. The lenses are all scratch-resistant and impact resistant, generally constructed from polycarbonate.

We also offer a great display of sports and specialty eyewear for thrill-seeking kids who are into extreme action. Our sports glasses include frames crafted entirely from resilient plastics, with temples that are hinge-less for ultimate flexibility. Your child won’t experience any slipping or sliding down their nose with these sports eyeglasses.

The Perfect Fit

Frames need to feel comfortable and be sized appropriately. Remember, kids are smaller than adults. Their noses and eyeglass bridges are therefore also smaller. The nose support must be sized to fit snugly, and we may add padding to enhance comfort. Many kids love the new gel padding that we offer! Temples must grip behind your child’s ears gently, and spring hinges are a popular feature with tweens and teens.

We will check your child’s eyeglasses from all angles to ensure that they fit perfectly. While contemporary eyewear comes in many shapes and sizes, typical guidelines state that glasses shouldn’t be wider than the face or too narrow. When measuring your child’s eyeglasses, we’ll make sure to center her eyes in the middle zone of the lenses.

The Height of Fashion

The most powerful determinant in choosing your child’s eyeglasses must be your child! If he feels that the eyeglasses are good for his image, he’ll keep them on his face. If she loves the way she looks in the mirror, she won’t hide her new eyewear at the bottom of her bag. Many famous international designers now manufacture eyewear for children, and we make it a point to keep our shelves well stocked with the latest, up-to-the-minute designs.

Please visit together with your child to check out our kids’ optical collection and shop for the best pair of new eyeglasses in Glendale, CO.

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