Peepers Patient Testimonials

Peepers Patient Testimonials

Fantastic experience! Highly recommend Dr. Rogers and the entire staff at Peepers. I look forward to coming back!

Excellent customer service! Even with me, the difficult client!

I have never gotten better care and service at the eye doctor! Dr. Rogers is informative, kind, respectful and explains everything about your prescription and eye health clearly and openly. They use new technology so you don't have to dilate your eyes. The staff is wonderful! They explain your insurance benefits clearly, are patient when you pick out frames, and are honest about the way they look. They adjust and clean glasses for free. I love Peepers!  

Love this place!  The owners are great and passionate about overall health and especially your eyes.  Trisha Rogers is a Great eye doctor.  Love their frame selection and the way they are so attentive at helping pick frames out.  Our whole family goes to Peepers for eye care.  

This place is no ordinary optical place. I have been wearing glasses many many years and most eye dr offices are your general "typical" routine type feel and just kinda here is what we got let us know what you need. But At Peepers the place it self is very up beat, a very cool retail vibe and the Staff is extremely helpful. They are honest and if they don't think something looks good on you they will tell you and help you find what you want and what your looking for. Hands down very different type of frames and even many high end lines which are hard to find. Staff is very cool, they have a welcoming attitude and you can tell everyone works so well together and make you feel at home. I have seen both Doctors there at Peepers and both doctors are so awesome, very people oriented not just wham bam im a doctor here you go. They get to know who you are and focus on you as an individual and show they care. I think Peepers optical is just on top of their game and always trying to make things better for their patients. Love Love Love this place.  

Love Dr. McCleery and his staff !   Would recommend him and his office to anyone!

Jeanine is a great person to work with. Always very pleasant! We have done business together for over 3 years. Being a locally owned business is even better!

Great service! Glad I came here.

Dr. McCleery is the best! I've been going to his office now for over ten years (even driving down from Boulder now) and will not use another optometrist. He's very engaging and entertaining and does a wonderful job of explaining what's going on. He's been very flexible with my personal needs (I'm practically blind) and has been a savior for my eyesight!! Strongly recommended.  

The staff at Peepers Optical are second to none.  They take exceptional care of our whole family.  Dr. Rogers is sooo great with our 10 year old son!!!!!  The whole experience is efficient and seamless!!!!  Thank you!!!!  

I've been a patient here for many years. Always a great experience. Dr. Rogers and the staff are very kind and friendly! Alex helped me pick an awesome new frame and I can't wait to show them off! You will not be disappointed by their service!  

They are very professional. Dr. Rogers is awesome, she explains everything about your exam. I would recommend them to anyone,  

The amount of care and patience the staff has is outstanding. Everyone that works at Peepers is willing to help you with whatever you need. They arent pushy when it comes to buying the designer frames they offer. If you find an expensive pair that love but dont love the price, they will help find something similar in your price range. They also offer a Groupon, which can save a ton of money! I HIGH recommend going to Peepers for your next exam or if you need new frames!  

I absolutely love my new glasses!  The staff at Peepers were amazing, they gave honest opinions and got me into the most amazing glasses I've ever had!  I give them 5 stars across the board in every category!  Cleanliness, selection, friendly, knowledgeable, and bonus for just being fun to be around...elite in every category!  Thank you everyone at Peepers for making me feel so confident and beautiful in my new glasses!  See you soon for my next pair and many more to come for years to come!  

Excellent inventory and eye exams!

I just wanted to extend a  huge kudos to all staff for helping me through some recent prescription issues, you guys really came through just by initially listening and caring and then going the extra step to fix my actual problem. Thank you so much for the extra appointment, taking the extra time to help and getting me the right glasses, more importantly thank you for just caring, it's truly appreciated. Thank you Peepers for taking such great care of me over the years. You are the best!  

It was an extremely pleasant experience! And the espresso was YUMMY!

Efficient, professional, friendly.  They're on time for your appointment, and very helpful with your insurance processing.  They also have a great selection of frames to choose from.  

Very friendly and a huge selection of frames

Wow!  I felt like royalty=amazing customer service by every staff member.  Dr. Rodgers was genuinely caring about my health and vision.  Anthony is a fashion expert and can pick your best eye wear look in seconds! The best selection of stylish name brand eye and sun wear in the Denver Metro Area. Professional staff. They always know how to make you look and feel your best. Seeing is believing  

Best optometrist experience I've ever had.  I was referred to Peepers Optical by a coworker a few years ago.  I'd recommend Dr. McCleery to anyone.  The rest of the staff are warm and were very patient with me while I snapped photo after photo to get girlfriend approval on new frames.  

Awesome mod displays. Fantastic selection of the newest fashions. Cutting edge. Staff is professional and doctors are terrific. It's closer than going to NYC!

Nice selection of stylish eyewear. They have a huge selection of Rayban and other brand name glasses. The staff is very friendly and thorough. I prefer the feel and approach of an office like Peepers to the chain opticals like Lens Crafters, Visionworks or America's Best. Plus if you want some sunglasses your insurance gets you and extra 20% off. The mall stores can't compete with that. With insurance, you can get a new pair of Ray-Bans for $50 less than Sunglass Hut! Love it! I'll never go back to Walmart or Target for glasses again.  

Great docs, great staff, great selection of frames, and great service.  Very helpful and friendly.   Wonderful designer frame selection.  

Great service + great selection = great shop!  I walked in to Peepers this weekend on a hunt for some slightly funkier frames for my new 'script and was immediately greeted by the owner.  She was really friendly and welcoming, and started me out looking at some frames.  She was called away to deal with something and handed me over to her associate (instead of just leaving me to my own devices, which would have been an easy thing to do), who then selected a few very cool frames for me.  I like that he helped me narrow my choice down by pairing each of the half dozen frames I tried against each other (in the classic "better one or better two?" optician's chant - with a laugh) to help me see the differences between them.  He also suggested I look not only in the small mirror close up but also in the bigger mirror from afar, to get a different perspective on how the frames suited my face shape (or not).  It was a pretty quick process to narrow it down to the bright purple frames (funky but not outrageous).  OH, and he was super patient with me as we wrote up my order, as I'd locked my keys in my car and was craning around looking through the window every five minutes to check if the locksmith had arrived yet,   He even brought the receipt and paperwork out to me in the parking lot after I dashed outside to meet the locksmith who finally arrived.  Like I said - great service!  

My wife and I have been going to see Doc McCleery for about eight years now.  He always takes his time, gives personalized attention and does a thorough eye check.  Full of personality, the time just flies.  

I just had my exam yesterday and felt compelled to write a review. First off, Dr. Rogers was wonderful - very friendly, honest, answered any questions I had. It was a super simple process from start to finish. After the exam I was matched up with one of the staff, Alex, who offered to provide some suggestions/recommendations for glasses. After seeing the wide selection available I took him up on his offer. And wow - he is good at what he does! I ended up selecting the first pair of sunglasses he chose for me and the first pair of glasses he chose for me. I don't know he does it but he knew just based on the shape of my face what would look nice. I am so excited to get my new glasses and sunglasses. With my vision insurance I only ended up paying about 50% of what I would have owed, and don't get me wrong - that was still quite a bit. I felt the experience and the product I am getting outweigh the cost. Especially because I was able to put my balance on my CareCredit which allowed me to get both of my glasses at once. I was very pleased with my experience at Peepers and will recommend them to anyone!  

Now reaching 50 I needed prescription glasses for the first time in my life. My wife and I went to Peepers Optical based on Yelp reviews and also on friends recommendation for our new prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses. We were treated very courteously and professionally. The optician Alex was very knowledgeable and thorough. He guided us through our different options and I have to say that, after a few months that I have been wearing my glasses, I am 100% satisfied and I highly recommend Peepers. A model of locally-owned small business as far as I'm concerned.  

I always get compliments on my glasses from here, and Dr Trisha Rogers is so sweet!  As a health care provider myself I highly recommend her.  Technology is also very important to me and their Optos retinal scan is very cool (I have a detached retina so I like seeing it on camera).  I have referred friends here as well and they were all pleased!  

My experience at Peepers was very positive. Dr Rogers took her time to explain everything to me. She was thorough in her exam and very knowledgeable. Anthony in the optical department helped me find an adorable pair of glasses. All in all I would recommend Peepers optical for your optometry need  

We had a hard time finding a good eye doctor in Denver. (One place we went off 16th St. Mall looked like it was from a scary movie...flickering light in the hallway and all.) Finally I tried Peepers. It's awesome. Bright, professional. Short waits. Dr. Rogers is friendly, listens and the visit never feels rushed. They have a great selection of unique frames.  

This place has the coolest eye doctor and some of the most design-conscious frames I've ever seen (through prescription lenses). There's a great set of optometrists and did I mention the fabulous and friendly sales staff (my son has had his broken glasses fixed for free far too often)? Having been a 4-eyed freak for 28 years and been dragged to at least a dozen eye doctors, this is by far the best. Not hip to the way-cool funky frames and are more of a fan of the el cheepo big framed glasses? The staff will hook you up with a prescription and you can go get your Harry Carey glasses elsewhere. Take a chance, live a little, and put some style on your noggin!

I can't even believe I am writing a review for an optical store, but I had such a great experience there, I just had to. The optometrist is so pleasant, informative, and easygoing. I really enjoyed working with her. And I was looking for new eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses, and the consultant took his time with me, really offered his opinion on the various styles, and I love the selections I ended up with! I will absolutely be back.  

Peepers Optical are fantastic!  they also have a cool machine to test your eyes without the need to dilate!  I appreciate being able to drive myself home from an eye appointment.  Thanks Peepers!  

Peepers Optical was one of those rare finds: I happened to drive by the location just a few days before my beloved 4 year old frames met their demise.  After grieving the untimely end of my previous glasses, I decided to stop into Peepers without an appointment, just to check out their selection and find out if they accepted my insurance. What luck! First and foremost, the staff is really friendly and helpful. And their selection of frames was amazing. After they confirmed my insurance, I was able to schedule a comprehensive eye exam, and an employee helped me select several sets of frames from various price-points that were stylish and fun.  I'm so glad that I stopped in to ask a few questions, because I was blown away.  I'll be recommending Peepers to all of my vision-challenged friends.  

I needed an eye exam and choose Peepers Optical due to a recommendation from a friend. Dr. Trish Rogers was excellent along with the entire staff. I had complete results in less than 30 minutes, and the appointment started on time!  I recommend their Otopmap Retinal Exam. No dilation needed!  

I got my glasses in 4 days.  I went in on a Tuesday evening, and picked them up on Friday evening.  As far as glasses go, that's fast!  Great customer service again when I went back in to pick them up. I'll likely make Peepers my full time eye-care provider once I need another exam and contacts/glasses.  

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Trisha Rogers!  Her level of care is excellent, her personality and chair side manner is delightful.  She always is very thorough with explaining all options available for corrective measures as well as overall health of my eyes.  I highly recommend her to anyone!  

Best eyeglasses shopping experience I have ever had!  Super helpful and sincere in wanting to help me find a pair that fit me well, looked good, AND fit my personal style.  Truly awesome!  

Peepers has been our family optometrist for 20+ years.  They're great.  Great docs, great staff up front.  

Great experience from start to finish. The retina exam was awesome as opposed to be forced to have my eyes dilated, and it is great knowing I'll be able to compare the photos each year. They take eye health very seriously, and they provided a ton information allowing me to select the best contacts, and eye glasses for my eyes. Everyone was extremely nice, and I will definitely be coming back here for my eye exams.  

Great service, not good service, GREAT SERVICE.  Think about it, when was the last time you went to a service related establishment and felt you received great service? Peepers has great folks to help with your vision needs.  They have a wide selection of fashion frames and a staff that really helps in the selection and fit.  They will take into account the type of lenses you need.  I am very myopic so the lenses get thick on the edges.  Even with high index lenses they get thick, so the design of the frame matters not just for how they fit and look with thin sample lenses, but what they look like with the finished prescription lens.  Anthony understands how the pieces go together and has wonderful fashion sense. Speaking of lenses, they have a large selection of manufacturers and sources available.  They will help you select the right product to provide the best possible vision.  They find the right technology for your needs. There are two doctors, I can recommend both of them.  They are friendly, knowledgeable and willing to work with you to meet your needs.  I often wear contacts, but because I am so nearsighted I have a more limited selection of contact lenses to choose from.  I found that Ciba Vison "Air Optix Night & Day" were the most comfortable.  They also created the least distortion, but they did not come strong enough.  Dr. McCleery suggested I try the contacts, but also wear a pair of glasses over them.  This is the outside the box thinking that most places would not suggest.  While this might sound strange, it worked for me.  It solved my nearsighted issue, provided comfortable contact lenses, clear vision, and also solved the aging issues of reading glasses since he incorporated a progress no line reading area in the lens. Daisy is also amazing.  she is very patient and careful.  As one of the opticians her job is to make sure all the measurements line up with the lens, frames and eyes.  Then she needs to adjust the frames to fit your head.  Go see Daisy to get your glasses made right and adjusted. There are others at the shop including Tek,Jeanine, and Lexi,  while I did not have much interaction with them, they were very friendly. I get complements on my glasses and I can see 20/20 or better with the soltuion they engineered.  I don't look like I have thick glasses, but I should!  What more can you ask?  I have been going to Peepers for many years now. Great Service!  They have it!  

I love Dr. Rogers, she is friendly and always gives a good break down of what she is doing. The staff are great and very helpful. Their appointment hours are good, location is easy to find and they have Saturday appointments!  

I needed to write an update to my original review because the staff at Peepers have went above and beyond to help me rectify the situation. They actually care about the reviews they receive and monitor them. I got a phone call from one of the owners who sincerely apologized for my experience. Its rare that someone is actually genuinely empathetic when you are critical of them yet she managed to turn my entire perception of their company around. She offered to remake my glasses, completely, free of charge. They ordered a new frame and sent it off to the lab to make completely new lenses and I had them in hand in about a week and half. Every step of the way their world class associates kept me up to date. No one treated me any differently (I have maintained that they always gave me exceptional service) because of my complaint. When my husband picked up my glasses for me Tomas couldn't have been more apologetic and sincere.  Even my husband was impressed. They even refunded me a portion of my expense because of the extraordinary circumstances. I waited a few days to update because I wanted to make sure my glasses were done right this time.... THEY ARE!! I am so happy with my purchase now I am going to head back to replace the lenses in my old frames and buy another pair. Thank you Peepers for turning around a negative experience and making me a lifetime customer!!!

Peepers totally rocks!  Anthony is the very best at finding the frames that were meant for you.  And he can do it on a a budget - genius! Seriously, amazing customer service and great communication if there is a delay or problem (like say if your coke bottle lenses are going to be too big for those awesome Maui Jim frames).  Everyone I've dealt with here is friendly, professional, and happy to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your glasses. I am loyal to my eye doctor of ten years but if I ever needed to make a change, I will not hesitate to check out the Peepers doctor first.  I am so glad Peepers is in my neighborhood.  Check 'em out!  

I was interested in Peepers because of the positive Yelp reviews and I agree with them: thorough eye exam, great service, fantastic selection of frames and truly helpful staff. First Alex did prelim checkup and offered the dialation-free Optomap Retinal Exam. It costs an extra $35 (which they inform you before you consent to the test) and is absolutely worth it. Alex was friendly and professional--put me totally at ease.Then I saw Dr.Trisha Rogers and she was great, too. Very good at listening to my concerns as well as going over the Optima Retinal Scan in detail. She recommended a brand new soft daily-wear contact lens for me to try that's extremely comfortable and allows oxygen and the edges fit on your eye almost like a gel. She herself had been trying them out the past week. I didn't have time to shop for glasses, as I was there on a lunch break, but The visit took less than an hour. I came back the following week on a Tuesday (they are open until 7 pm, so I went in right after work , around 5:30 pm--which was an ideal time to go as the shop was not busy.) Alex was also very friendly and professional, and suggested several pairs of glasses for me to try. He offered honest opinions and was an extraordinary consultant, helping me pick out the perfect pair, and in less than an hour. I also needed sunglasses and both he and Tek helped me peruse different frames. Then Tek measured my face for the frames and walked me though the pricing with my insurance. Tek was very knowledgeable and personable as well. I ended up purchasing both designer eyeglasses and some HOT Vera Wang shades that came to barely over $500 with my insurance. They took less than the estimated 2 weeks to arrive. When I went to pick them up, Tek was very helpful in making sure they fit PEFECTLY. On a subsequent visit, I brought in a pair of late 1940's manufacture plastic frames I found at the Denver Modernism show. I sat down with Alex and he went over the various lens options, saving me about $60 in the process. The retro frames were ready at the same time as my other frames. When I picked them up, they actually seemed newer and in better adjustment for my face then when I originally brought them in. I can't say enough favorable things about Peepers Optical. I will absolutely visit again, and recommend their practice, staff and frame selection HIGHLY.  

Peepers Optical is by far one of the best places for Optometrists and Opticians! Dr. Rogers is very professional and thorough. She explains everything to you in a way you can understand. From floaters to glaucoma, the health of your eye, your eye pressures. #1 in my book. I worked with the optician Annabelle and she was fantastic! Smart, engaging, knowledgeable and found a way to help me so I saved money. I had a warranty that I did not know about so I am getting free lenses!!! The office is very well staffed, clean and a very good vibe! I highly recommend Peepers Optical!  

This place is top notch :) from the people out front to the Eye Doctor himself!! I have been going here for a couple of years and can't imagine going anywhere else!! I always love the way they take care of me :) I always love all my different glasses I get here!!!!

Have never had a bad experience at Peepers!  I have been going to Doctor Rogers for four years!  She always takes the time to explain any issues and makes sure you tell her any issue or concerns that you might have.  Anthony at the front desk has assisted in the last five pairs of frames and I always get compliments on them!  

I have never had so much confidence in an eye doctor! Dr McCleery is funny, health and lifestyle consciousness, and really knows his stuff. He told me things about my eyes I didn't even know doctors can see. Makes me feel like i've been jipped for all the years I didn't know about this place. I loved the office staff as well--all friendly and super helpful. Very fun experience. Who can say that about their annual eye exam?!  

I have been wearing glasses for over twenty one years.  I can tell you that I have never liked any of the eye doctors I have been to BUT today that all changed.  The first person I spoke to was Lexi who was super nice.  I walked into Peepers for my appointment and noticed how relaxed the atmosphere was.  Bright green fixtures and some comfortable chairs adorned the place. Since I was super early for my appointment, I met Tek who showed me some frames I might like.  Then Ray (aka Dr. Mccleery) came out and took my appointment much earlier than I anticipated.  This guy actually listened and listened so well that he answered all my concerns about my eyes.  I couldn't believe it either!  One word to describe my appointment: THOROUGH.  I never felt out of place, I felt totally comfortable and Ray made the eye exam like a game show that left me laughing. As soon as I got out of my eye exam, Tek had picked out twelve or so glasses for me to try on.  He picks out the glasses best suited for your face and makes suggestions along the way!  Truly professional and upbeat! Ladies and gentleman, this is THE place to get your eyes checked and glasses fitted.  Peeperrs has customer service built into their DNA plus all the other attributes of a great business.  

Wow!  I FINALLY found my eye doctor. I have been searching for years and have had bad experiences. They not only took care of my every need, but explained things thoroughly and made sure I was comfortable with everything.  Dr. Rogers was amazing, so caring and compassionate.  The entire staff was great. So happy to have found this place.  

They are always the best. It never pays to go anywhere else but Peepers. I did and I learned my lesson. I had a prescription for a year that has been bothering me from another doctor in the Highlands and they corrected an astigmatism in both eyes that I don't even have. Peepers is always the best in service, technology and knowledge.  

I went here for my most recent exam based on the Yelp reviews and they did not disappoint.  Dr. McCleery took so much time with me and he was so personable.  The whole experience was smooth and painless and I am so happy that I have found a new eye doctor that is so close  

My wife and I love this place. Both docs are super helpful, really down-to-Earth and friendly. It's just a really great atmosphere, and the staff were helpful in advising my wife on her new glasses. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place !  

This was the first eye exam I have ever had and the Doc did a great job explaining everything to me.  I will be returning in the future.  Their selection of glasses is also great.  

What a great experience. Great customer service, the guy helping me choose a pair of glasses was so patient with my fickleness. Dr Ray is awesome, the entire staff are so genuine. Dr Ray even sent me home with some plants for my home aquarium! what?!? He was very informative and funny. The prices can be steep, but it's quite possible to find a decent priced pair in the vast collection, and the staff will be there with a patient demeanor when doing so. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a new eye doc or new eye-wear.  

Dr. Rogers and her staff are great! The office is clean and has up to date technology! I highly recommend Peepers Optical.  

Having moved from the UK I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find contact lenses that matched my current needs. This team were more than helpful!! They were great and offered really helpful advice without pushing products or services like a lot of places. I will be recommending to my colleagues from the UK! Great friendly helpful team!  

Dr. Rogers, practitioner at Peepers Optical, is the best of the best.  An eye exam at this practice is thorough and not a "fast food" approach.  The support staff does a fine job of helping with appointments, frame selection and lenses as well as explaining insurance benefits.  Please appoint here if you are looking for top notch eye care.  This review is straight from the heart and no BS.  

Great service! The entire staff was friendly, helpful and efficient. If you are in the market for new glasses or just an exam, Peepers is the place to go.  

From the minute I walked in to Peepers the environment was welcoming, clean, and the staff were attentive and friendly. I was really taken care of and the staff was very helpful when I needed new frames. The service was wonderful and the doctors are very knowledgeable. I would've like a more specific breakdown of my insurance and what exactly it would be covering but the woman who helped me was very helpful otherwise.

I have been to several eye doctors since I moved to Denver, but I have finally found a place I will stick with. The doctors are a little distant, but the staff is incredible! They are incredibly knowledgeable about eye wear, eye care, and eye health, and were able to answer every question I had. They clearly know their products, both because they purchase the products and because they try everything out. When selecting a new contact brand, two staff members gave me suggestions based on their own experiences. Great place, smart people. Highly recommend!

Peepers Optical has an amazing optical team; from reception all the way through to ordering our glasses, everyone was personable, helpful, and extremely knowledgable. Both my husband and I were in need of new glasses and passed Peepers a number of times when we finally checked with our insurance (which they accepted) and made our appointments. We were warmly greeted and barely sat down when we were called in for testing and exams. The doctor was extremely thorough and spent time with both of us to explain test results, etc. The staff understood our needs and pointed us in the right direction when picking out frames. We felt so comfortable that it was as though we had been coming here forever. I would highly recommend Peepers!  

If you are looking for exceptional customer service in an optometrist - this is the place! The entire staff is warm, professional and makes you feel like your their favorite customer. The quality and variety of glasses to choose from is gold standard. I've seen both doctors and give them both five stars. My whole family uses Peepers and we all agree it's worth the drive- we live in Golden.  

Just went in for my annual check up and saw Trisha Rogers.  I really like that they have a $35 option to get pictures taken instead of the drops.  Definitely worth it for someone like me who hates getting any kind of liquid in their eye.  Dr. Rogers was also very understanding and caring about my eye sensitivities.  They have a very nice selection of glasses and a helpful staff.  I love my Raybans!  

This place has a great selection. I shopped for months to find the right frames and they had them. The staff were awesome and provided positive and honest feedback when I was trying them on.  

My experience at Peepers was phenomenal! The staff were all very friendly and helpful and Dr. Rogers was very thorough and informative. I would highly recommend Peepers Optical to anyone.  

I can't say enough good things about the staff and doctors at Peepers. I had my third visit here today and Amy, Jeanine, Anabell and Dr. Rogers were all wonderful. I was prompted to call a few days ago on the heels of my company announcing they were changing our insurance plans to be sure I could use my contact allowance for the year. I was frustrated and let my stress get the best of me. I'm embarrassed to say I was very curt and disagreeable when I spoke with initially spoke with Amy. I would have totally understood if she had given up on helping me and moved on, but she didn't. She did her best to help and explain my options for moving forward. I sent a follow up email to confirm the details of my insurance and I received a response in 12 minutes. 12 minutes! Super quick and the email was pleasant and clear and offered an appointment opening less than 24 hours later to ensure that I beat my insurance deadline, even if we had to send in an order for my contacts. When I arrived everyone was very kind and helpful and they got me in and out (with my supply of contacts and a rebate!) in less than 30 minutes. I was able to apologize to Amy in person for my poor behavior and she was so lovely and kind and ended up making ME feel better! Anyway, I really appreciate feeling welcomed and taken care of, even when I didn't deserve it. So glad to have such truly good people looking after me and my eyeballs. They are the best.  

The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and explained my insurance benefits very clearly.  The doctor took her time during my exam making me feel like a valued patient. The selection of glasses was awesome.  I'd highly recommend this place!  

I love having this place as my go-to optometrist. The front desk are really good at what they do. The Dr is really friendly. The folks who do adjusting and frame selection are also elite.

Peepers was one of those places that caught me by the name. "I knew a cat named Peepers once," I said when I first found this Glendale optometrist. I give them 5 stars on their glasses selection, quality, salesmanship, and professionalism. Daisy helped me out and made the whole experience fun for me. I ordered a pair of $900 frames with them- my first pair in 10 years- and the quality was outstanding. I went with a cute black cat eye frame and the thinnest lenses they could give someone with horrible vision, like me. They are thinner than I even knew was possible for a -10 script!!    

Highly recommend these guys for top quality eye care. I've been seeing dr. Mccleerey and now dr. Rogers for years. Each time I've seen them, I've been welcomed warmly by their staff and been given helpful information for keeping my eyes in top health.  

Got my glasses here and was very pleased with the service. Alex helped me out and chose the perfect frame that complimented my face. They were ready within the week too. I recommend stoping by  

Outstanding service by every single team member I worked with. Dr. Tricia really took her time, asked questions about my history, explained everything she was doing and even went thru a picture of my eyes and explained what they were looking for. I will continue to be a patient at Peepers and will take my family here as well.  

Drs. McCleary and Roberts are great eye doctors. The staff is friendly and the main area and patient rooms are always clean. You have the option of getting your eyes dilated (painful, uncomfortable) or using an Optomap procedure. When you check in on Yelp there is a discount for $20 off so the cost is only $15 (normally $35). The pictures are saved in their system so they can look at years past along with their other records. I have been going to Peepers since they were in a purple building on Colorado Blvd & Bayaud. The parking lot is shared with other businesses but I have never had trouble finding a parking spot.

Excellent care and service.  Dr. Rogers was excellent at explaining my eye exam. Will definitely go back.  

I've worn glasses for longer now than I haven't and I have to say, finding a decent optometrist is difficult, finding a great one is even harder! I'm so excited about this place, the entire staff was friendly, welcoming and outgoing. My husband and I made appts back to back of one another and we were both given individual attention, the staff was super helpful in picking out frames (I ended up with two frames I may not have tried on had it not been for their help, and I love them!). The selection of frames is pretty great, high end brands that are somewhat hard to find in one spot. My eye exam was amazing, I had the mapping done and they went over everything with me in detail, which is appreciated. I was asked specific questions determining what my needs were, and given options knowing the benefits and drawbacks of each choice. I highly recommend this place, it's pretty great.  

I love Peepers Optical!! They have a fantastic variety of fashionable eye wear for daily wear as well as sun protection. The location is easy to get to. Raymond is a great eye doctor and I love his honesty. They have some of the best technology in the industry. I highly suggest a visit for your next eye exam.  

Came here as a new patient to use my VSP insurance for glasses.  Appointments can be made online which is great.  The doctor was very nice and thorough with my exam.  After the exam, I spoke with a sales associate to find some frames.  Most places try to upsell you on the expensive frames, but I told him right off the bat that I was only interested in the cheaper frames and he was pretty understanding. I was quite impressed with their selection of cheap frames.  I was expecting ugly, plastic frames, but they had a lot of nice, stylish frames.  Found a pair I liked, got the prescription ordered, and was done.  The whole appointment took less than an hour.  My glasses were ready for pickup within a few days. Great experience!  The glasses fit great and are of good quality. I will be using this place again next year for another pair of glasses.  

Peepers has a nice team.  They are professional and thorough, and very helpful when picking frames.  

From the helpful friendly staff, to the knowledgeable doctor who explained the process & findings perfectly, to the frame selection... this was a wonderful experience for my first time getting an eye exam & eye glasses.

lovely place  

Super staff and they have great customer service.

very nice, friendly yet professional.  Would highly recommend.  

I have been going to Peepers for around 10 years.  Dr. McCleery's comprehensive up-to-date knowledge of vision health is impressive.  He takes all the time necessary for a thorough eye exam (a rarity for medical professionals these days) during which he patiently answers any questions that I might have.  Moreover, his bedside manner is both educational (and entertaining).  Unlike another reviewer, I have never felt the least bit of pressure to spend any more than I need to.  In fact, I find the charge for exams to be very reasonable and Dr. McCleery and his staff have always been generous with contact lens samples when I am trying to find that perfect fit.  The staff at Peepers is friendly and helpful.  In short, I LOVE Peepers.  

My mother and I have been patients of Dr. McCleery for over 20 years now. The care and treatment are unmatched by anyone, and I owe my vision to him. He is outstanding in his field, and his experience and expertise are invaluable when it comes to diagnosing and treating different vision problems. The office is always clean and comfortable, and the staff are always beyond pleasant. Instruments and practices are up to date and cutting edge. Even though I have recently moved to the mountains, I will keep making the trip to Peepers because it is worth it to me for the best possible treatment available. Many thanks to everyone at Peepers! Keep up the excellent work.  

I needed prescription glasses for the first time in my life! My wife and I went to Peepers Optical based on online reviews and also based recommendation from friends for our new prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses. We were treated very courteously and professionally. The optician Alex was very knowledgeable and thorough. He guided us through our different options and I have to say that, after a few months that I have been waring my glasses, I am 100% satisfied and I highly recommend Peepers. A model of locally-owned small business as far as I'm concerned.  

This is an amazing place. The providers are knowledgeable and their technology is clearly ahead of the pack compared to other places I have been to. They immediately helped me find new glasses that normally I never would have considered but fell in love with. They have great taste, style, and are genuinely concerned with giving the best eye care possible.  

Not sure how to spell her name, but Jeanine is absolutely wonderful. A ton of places told me that I couldn't get non prescription sunglasses with my insurance, but she looked into my plan and found out that I can. She is very knowledgable and great with people - looking forward to my appointment.  

Eye exam could not have been better. Excellent staff.  Very high tech and clean.  Beautiful selection of frames.  The eye doctor was expert and easy to understand and answered all my questions.  Highly recommended.  

Great experience. Friendly staff, smart doctors. Would recommend to anyone!  

I have been coming to Peepers for several years. Each experience I have is phenomenal. Staff is outstanding, and they treat me like family. Not to mention the frames are unique. I'll continue coming back :)

Got my last pair of glasses here ... great price and great services.  Thank You!

This place is wonderful!  From the moment I called and made an appointment to the completion of my purchase, everyone was so caring and helpful.  The receptionist was so sweet and efficient, and Trisha Rogers provided me with fantastic service during my appointment, as did the tech who assisted her.  The gal who helped me pick out my frames was patient and very helpful as I was alone and didn't have a friend or family member to give me opinions, and I was very satisfied with the frames we picked out.  Thanks to my VSP coverage, I was able to order great frames with special coating and lenses, but this place might be a little pricey for folks who don't have vision coverage.  I'm also a little disappointed that my glasses are going to take two weeks to arrive, but I think they'll be worth the wait.  Overall I was very happy with my experience at Peepers, and I'd recommend them to anyone who wants a good experience in a comfortable place with friendly staff!  

I recently went into Peepers to pick out glasses...for the first time in my life I need glasses. So, I had no clue what I was doing and I was feeling overwhelmed. Micah and the other staff were amazing and took a lot of time helping. Me. Excellent customer service!

Dr. Rogers was patient, friendly, professional, very knowledgeable, and explained everything in a clear and concise fashion.  Would highly recommend her!  The office was clean and bright and the free coffee/tea was nice in the waiting area. Someone came out and explained my insurance coverage to me which was helpful.  I didn't order frames the day of my appointment but they seemed to have a nice variety in the store.

I have been coming to Peepers for years!  The staff is great!  I love it that they know my name!  So when it was time for my girls to have their eyes checked it never occurred to me to take them anywhere else.  I love the service I get, but it was interesting to see how they were able to offer the same service to my teenage girls all the while making it as relaxing and not scary as possible.  My kids do not like going to the doctor, but they don't mind coming to Peepers.  I would never go anywhere else!  

I'm happy that  I found Peepers Optical 3 yrs ago. The office personal and Dr. McCleery have always treated me with professionalism, honesty and care. I feel Peepers has my vision's best interest at hand. All my consultations have great every time. I highly recommend Peepers Optical to anyone.  

Dr. Rogers was patient, friendly, professional, very knowledgeable, and explained everything in a clear and concise fashion. Would highly recommend her! The office was clean and bright and the free coffee/tea was nice in the waiting area. Someone came out and explained my insurance coverage to me which was helpful. I didn't order frames the day of my appointment but they seemed to have a nice variety in the store.

Got my last pair of glasses here ... great price and great services. Thank You

This place is wonderful! From the moment I called and made an appointment to the completion of my purchase, everyone was so caring and helpful.

Great experience. Friendly staff, smart doctors. Would recommend to anyone!

Jeanine is absolutely wonderful. A ton of places told me that I couldn't get non prescription sunglasses with my insurance, but she looked into my plan and found out that I can. She is very knowledgable and great with people - looking forward to my appointment.

Eye exam could not have been better. Excellent staff.  Very high tech and clean.  Beautiful selection of frames.  The eye doctor was expert and easy to understand and answered all my questions.  Highly recommended.

This is an amazing place. The providers are knowledgeable and their technology is clearly ahead of the pack compared to other places I have been to. They immediately helped me find new glasses that normally I never would have considered but fell in love with. They have great taste, style, and are genuinely concerned with giving the best eye care possible.