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Eye-Catching Styles to Protect Your Eyes from the Denver Sun!

Denver enjoys a whopping 300+ days of sunshine per year, which exceeds even the number of sunny days in Miami! While sunshine is a great mood-booster and allows you to enjoy countless outdoor activities, the sun also beats down with damaging UV rays. Eyes, which are very sensitive, are especially vulnerable to the possible effects of ultraviolet light. Sunglasses are the best way to protect your vision and promote the lasting health of your eyes.

The most immediate symptoms caused by overexposure to UV sun rays is sunburn. Red or blistery skin is a warning sign that you or your children are being placed at risk for more extreme problems, such as skin cancer. Some of the most delicate skin on your body surrounds your eyes and nose. In our Denver store, we feature an incredible range of stylish sunwear to protect this skin! Wraparound designs are ideal for covering as much facial skin as possible.

Sunglasses also block the lens of your eyes from harsh sunlight. Cumulative retinal exposure to ultraviolet rays is associated with macular degeneration and cataracts, which can appear later on in life. Therefore - in addition to including sunglasses in your own wardrobe, it’s critical to outfit kids with children’s sunglasses! We feature quality sunwear that blocks 99-100% of UV rays. Whether you need a pair of frames for hiking, biking, strolling or sunbathing, we’ll help you choose attractive sunglasses to match your visual needs and one-of-a-kind look!

With designer eyeglasses in prescription and nonprescription versions for both kids and adults,  Peepers Optical has an outstanding array of options for you! Our selection includes many popular brand-names, with exclusive frames from John Varvatos, Coach, Prada, Ray Ban, Oakley, Dolce & Gabbana and more.  Please stop in anytime to take a look at our Denver sunglasses selection.

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  • A cool, contemporary way to accessorize your style, sunglasses should also provide clear vision. We offer many styles that will give you an awesome appearance, protect your eyes and ensure sharp eyesight in the great outdoors.
  • If you don’t require vision correction, choose a ready-to-wear pair of non-prescription sunglasses from our designer collection. You’ll protect your eyes from the sun and look great at the same time!
  • At the first sign of a sunny day, children dash outdoors. With all the time that kids spend in the sun, protective sunglasses are even more important for them than for many adults. Keep your kids safe in the sun with a trendy pair of shades!
  • We offer a range of sunglass treatments and tints for your lenses. Customize your sunglasses to meet your personal requirements, whether that includes driving glasses or sunbathing by the pool.
  • Specialty sunglasses are designed to consider the demands of specific sports and physical activities. Tell us what game or hobby you enjoy, and we’ll help fit you with the ideal sunglasses to upgrade your performance in Denver, CO.

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