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Great Service! They have it!

Great service, not good service, GREAT SERVICE.  Think about it, when was the last time you went to a service related establishment and felt you received great service?

Peepers has great folks to help with your vision needs.  They have a wide selection of fashion frames and a staff that really helps in the selection and fit.  They will take into account the type of lenses you need.  I am very myopic so the lenses get thick on the edges.  Even with high index lenses they get thick, so the design of the frame matters not just for how they fit and look with thin sample lenses, but what they look like with the finished prescription lens.  Anthony understands how the pieces go together and has wonderful fashion sense.

Speaking of lenses, they have a large selection of manufacturers and sources available.  They will help you select the right product to provide the best possible vision.  They find the right technology for your needs.

There are two doctors, I can recommend both of them.  They are friendly, knowledgeable and willing to work with you to meet your needs.  I often wear contacts, but because I am so nearsighted I have a more limited selection of contact lenses to choose from.  I found that Ciba Vison "Air Optix Night & Day" were the most comfortable.  They also created the least distortion, but they did not come strong enough.  Dr. McCleery suggested I try the contacts, but also wear a pair of glasses over them.  This is the outside the box thinking that most places would not suggest.  While this might sound strange, it worked for me.  It solved my nearsighted issue, provided comfortable contact lenses, clear vision, and also solved the aging issues of reading glasses since he incorporated a progress no line reading area in the lens.

Daisy is also amazing.  she is very patient and careful.  As one of the opticians her job is to make sure all the measurements line up with the lens, frames and eyes.  Then she needs to adjust the frames to fit your head.  Go see Daisy to get your glasses made right and adjusted.

There are others at the shop including Tek,Jeanine, and Lexi,  while I did not have much interaction with them, they were very friendly.

I get complements on my glasses and I can see 20/20 or better with the soltuion they engineered.  I don't look like I have thick glasses, but I should!  What more can you ask?  I have been going to Peepers for many years now.

Great Service!  They have it!


- Dana E. Denver CO

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