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Great service + great selection = great shop!  I walked in to Peepers this weekend on a hunt for some slightly funkier frames for my new 'script and was immediately greeted by the owner.  She was really friendly and welcoming, and started me out looking at some frames.  She was called away to deal with something and handed me over to her associate (instead of just leaving me to my own devices, which would have been an easy thing to do), who then selected a few very cool frames for me.  I like that he helped me narrow my choice down by pairing each of the half dozen frames I tried against each other (in the classic "better one or better two?" optician's chant - with a laugh) to help me see the differences between them.  He also suggested I look not only in the small mirror close up but also in the bigger mirror from afar, to get a different perspective on how the frames suited my face shape (or not).  It was a pretty quick process to narrow it down to the bright purple frames (funky but not outrageous).  OH, and he was super patient with me as we wrote up my order, as I'd locked my keys in my car and was craning around looking through the window every five minutes to check if the locksmith had arrived yet,   He even brought the receipt and paperwork out to me in the parking lot after I dashed outside to meet the locksmith who finally arrived.  Like I said - great service!


- Patty P Denver Colorado

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